quitDock 1.2

Quit and restart the Dock and Dashboard


  • Quits and restarts Dock and Dashboard
  • Easy to use
  • Three different skins


  • No good if your Dashboard has already crashed
  • No way to just quit one or the other


Have you ever been in a situation where your Dock or Dashboard is not loading properly or even crashing?

If so, quitDock widget can help you, by performing a simple reset of your Dashboard and Dock. It's ideal if you've suffered problems with either, or are concerned that one or the other is consuming far too much memory and is slowing down your system. Alternatively, developers can use it to test and retest components and widgets which they're designing for the Dock and Dashboard.

The Dashboard will be terminated immediately until you press F4 again to activate it. The Dock will reset and reappear within a few seconds. You can choose from three jazzy skins including a Tiger, Leopard and Dashboard theme. You can also choose whether you want a confirmation dialog before you quit anything.

quitDock is a handy reset tool for anyone suffering problems with the Dock or Dashboard. However, the fact that it's a dashboard widget means that if you have problems with the latter, you might not be able to access it anyway.

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quitDock 1.2

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